Taped Beige Hoodie

Jr10 Corp

SKU-112-Extra Small

This unisex beige hoodie includes black contrast “Hero Inspiration” tape on hood and side seam, side seam vents for a more movable fit, two welt pockets on the body, and a zipper arm pocket for added functionality and detail.




Our unique mix of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex allows for flexible movements, warmth, and comfort 


1. Separate whites from colored clothes. Wash whites and colors separately to ensure color preservation.

2. Wash a load of either whites or colors in the washing machine on the delicate cycle using cold water.  Use regular laundry detergent without bleach to wash the clothes.

3. Tumble dry the clothes on the delicate settling. If you are unsure about the setting on your machine, then tumble dry the items for a couple of minutes to get the wrinkles out and hang them until the clothes are dry. 


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